On Mobile Photography

Photography is a very important part of my life, and I have used my mobile phone extensively to nurture this.

It lets me shoot fast and unobtrusively, which inspired me to plan photo projects, offer photos on the market and contribute to the 2015 EyeEm Awards.

Robin Hanna on EyeEm


For my photographic themes, I focus on fresh, fleeting moments in urban and natural scenarios, particularly in my hometown Berlin.

Curated photos make to my Instagram profile. As a creative challenge, I regularly produce highly edited and compelling Instagram Stories. Want to know how? Contact me on robin@treeinberlin.de to sign up for my newsletter.

Treeinberlin on Instagram 


I like the incomplete, the imperfect, the chaos that is and always will be in flux around us.

Sometimes, a moment comes around that just begs to be a photo. Smile, it’s a beautiful snapshot of chaos. I never know how that moment might look, where I am, what is going on in the situation, whether it feels good or sad or scary or boring. I just know I want to take a picture of it – to make it meaningful.

My mobile phone allows me to do that.